Financial Fraud Investigations, L.L.C.
A Fraud Detection & Prevention Firm

List of Discreet Services

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of services provided by our firm. This list is designed for the individual that is not versed in fraudulent matters. This means an attempt is being made so the reader may easily decipher if our firm can meet your immediate or future needs. Also remember, if you are not certain we can assist you or your company, please contact us at your earliest convenience, and inquire. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  1. Provide forensic accounting services including the following methods of proof:
    1. Net worth
    2. Expenditures
    3. Bank deposits
    4. Specific item

  2. Investigate allegations of fraud

  3. Investigate internal & external theft

  4. Review internal controls to safeguard assets

  5. Investigate allegations of bribes & kickbacks

  6. Prove allegations of misuse of business data and business assets by corporate directors, employees, & officers

  7. Investigate inventory theft

  8. Conduct small business asset protection survey & make recommendations for preserving company assets

  9. Prove allegations of embezzlement

  10. Fraud auditing services

  11. Investigate swindles & cons

  12. Uncover financial statement fraud

  13. Conduct white-collar crime investigations

  14. Asset record reconstruction

  15. Investigate fraud against senior citizens

  16. Investigate allegations of fraud by fiduciaries, including estates & trusts, & condominium associations

  17. Prove allegations of money laundering and/or currency structuring

  18. Provide anti-money laundering and/or fraud training

  19. Consult on civil and/or criminal litigation matters, including asset forfeiture issues

  20. Assist legal counsel with plea negotiations involving drug trafficking, public corruption, money laundering, & currency structuring

  21. Organize and/or analyze financial records, including search warrant records

  22. Investigate allegations of public corruption (city, village, township), including educational institutions (school districts, colleges, universities, day care facilities, private & parochial schools & academies)

  23. Conduct interviews to gather information

  24. Computer forensics

    d/b/a Comprehensive Tax Services, L.L.C.

  25. Tax return preparation for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, trusts, & other tax matters

  26. Analyze & organize financial records to prepare tax returns

  27. Admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service meaning we can represent you during tax audits via power of attorney

  28. Assist legal counsel with plea negotiations regarding tax issues